Kayak and Bird Watching in the lake Cahuil Bird Sanctuary is a simple but beautiful and unexpectedly interesting activity. 

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Laguna Cahuil is located by the coast. It is the end of the small river Nilahue that reaches de ocean, but before entering the sea it forms the lake Cahuil, habitat for many birds that find shelter here. Some birds live here year around and others come just for the summer. Cormorants, swans, egrets, coots, gulls and many others display their beauty and their majestic flights. 

AVENTURA COLCHAGUA takes people into this beautiful world in a kayak, with enough time to obeserve and appreciate this ecosystem. During 3 hours we paddle through the water or NIlahue River that when it gets closer to the ocean it mixes its water with Pacific water creating an unexpected habitat for birds.
People dont need previous kayaking experience. The trip is not difficult though the paddling takes a bit of energy.
Apart from the scenery, there is the beauty of the birds. There are more than 20 different species.
Also, and no less interesting, there is a center where local have been extracting seawater salt for many generations. It is an important part of the local economy.
Group will stop to take a look at the job they do.

Cost per person USD $60 Minimun 2 people. 
Service Includes: Transportation, kayak and all gear, snacks and guide. 
Suggested Schedule: 9:00am / Estimated time back 5pm