Horseback riding in the Colchagua Valley is a simple fun activity that takes people into traditions of Chile’s country life.
We come from families who have used the horse as a means of transport and as work force until the 80s.
Today, we use them for nice rides around the valleys and hills next to Santa Cruz Vineyard.
Information & Reservation: /
For English & Whatsapp: + 56 9 44070503
Contact name: Pablo Gonzalez D (Owner)
Our Rides:
We love to share this passion for horses with people in a more personal way. We want people who come to ride with us to connect with our horses before riding and we want people to help getting them ready.
Our rides are usually around the valley and hills near the town of Lolol. The terrain is easy and trails safe. People can just follow the guides or they can be a bit more adventurous if the have the experience.
Cost per person USD $40,oo Minimum 2 people.
Includes horse and gear – snack – helmet mandatory.
It does not include transport or tips.
A suggested schedule:
– Morning 9:30am
– Afternoon 5:00pm
These rides – time on a horse – last about 3 hours. This is enough time to enjoy the experience before people start feeling tired. Remember, this is an excercise as wel

Our Horses: We started with the idea of horseback rides some years ago. We didn’t notice how time went by and how today all horses we have have been born in our center. We know them, we know their history and we feel they know who we are. They are part of the family.