Exploring Colchagua Valley in 2 Days
Bikes & Horses
Lodging, meals and necessary gear according to itinerary
Cost per person CL$ 130.000 / usd $ 195 per person (minimum 2 pax)

Day 01: Trip to Colchagua Valley on Your Own – Optional Private Shuttle
According to arrival time – ideally 11am – the first tihng we do is to visit Colchagua Museum down town Santa Cruz. With more than 7.000-piece collection, we need at least 11/2 hour to appreciate it in detail.  Including the especial pavilion with the 33 trapped miner exhibition of 2010.
Once we finish with the museum, we travel by car to El Huique. This is an old hacienda with history and a beautiful “Casa Patronnal” main hacienda house. There is a very nice restaurant we use for our lunch. Time to relax a bit and learn about the surroundings.
At around 2:30pm we start getting ready for a 2 – 3 hour guided bike ride around the valley of Santa Cruz, vineyards and other fruit plantations. We also cruise through small town and rural communities all the way to Laura Hartwig Vineyard. Our destination for the day. Brief tour of the vineyard and wine tasting. (More in detail tour of the vineyard are available)
From the vineyard we drive to our hostal just about 20 minutes away in the valley of Lolol, and just next to Santa Cruz Vineyard.
Dinner with our hosts.

Day 02: Waking up in the Rural Life of Lolol – Country-like Breakfast
Our hostal is also our outdoor center. So most activities start en end here. But the first thing we do is to enjoy a good traditinal breakfast with home-made bread, local jams and eggs and of course brewed coffee or tea.
During breakfast you will be able to see in the distance our horseman getting horses ready for the activity of the day, a nice 3 hour horse-back ride through the surrounding valleys and hill of the Lolol Valley. Great views of this beautiful corner.
As part of getting ready for the ride, people will have the time to warn up to the horses riding inside our premises and if extra instruction is needed you can ask our guide.
Once we are back in the hostal, you will feel ready for a shower a change of clothes and our traditional lunch. If weather is good, we eat outside by the “quincho”.
Depending on the group’s personal schedule, there is an optional visit to Santa Cruz Vineyard right next door, or simply the biginning of the trip back home.
NOTE: This program might last longer and could include other activities. Check for taylored holidays. Let us know!

More Information & Reservations:
Email: info@gradosur.cl / Celular Whatsap: +56 9 4407 0503  / +56 9 9380 5359