For those wondering, we are part of Grado Sur Expediciones Ltda ( a outdoor travel company based out of Santiago devoted to the outdoor sport, recreation, education and with more than 18 years sharing Chile’s beauty with travellers and adventurers.
Aventura Colchagua is another small dream come true, and we want share our passion for the outdoor and the beauty of this valley with you.

My name is Pablo González, born in Lolol (Colchagua), though I was raised in many other parts of the world, family bonds and traditions brought me back to these valleys.
Aventura Colchagua is a project coming from the roots of families from the area, true love for the country, horses, and our traditions.
We, and others from the valley, would like to make Colchagua Valley and the Town of Lolol and special place for people to visit. 

Francisco González Zuñiga

Born in Colchagua Valley and a "natural born horsewhisperer", Francisco will be your guide when you join any of our horseback rides.

Pablo González D

This is me, your host and your guide in many of the activities we offer: kayak, biking and wine tours. An outdoor lover and also a local.

Support Team of Guides

We are very lucky to work with a great bunch of young and enthusiastic guides. They make this whole project a great adventure in itself.