Kayak Maule to the Pacific

USD $ 300 per person – minimum 4 people.
River side camp-ground – Small towns – Bird Watching
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Office Mobile:  English + 56 9 44070503 

General Description of Trip:
Down the Maule River in a Sea Kayak in 2 days is a fun and very interesting trip. The river is safe. Even an inexperienced kayaker should not have problems negotiating the currents. Flipping and swiming has very low risk. Our support boat makes the whole trip even easier and safer.
We camp one night along the river. “JUST LEAVE no trace”.
The river moves at a nice pace, so paddling without big effort allows us to cover the distance bewteen Curtiduría and Constitución in two days.
The last stretch of the trip could be a bit tougher considering that the river flattens, no current and ocean winds might flow against.
Maule River – Beautiful
Far from main roads, it is naturally protected from big crowds and big urban centers. Phone coverage is minimum and we only see birds, small farms and maybe local rowing boat. The river moves at different speeds. Some sections are flat and paddling becomes necessary, and other sections have constant current and the kayaks move fast with little effort.
Basic navegating kayak skills are enough to get through.
We welcome people without experience. In an hour or so, somebody could get what is needed to kayak the Maule river. What is important here is positive spirit, the right guiding and appropiate gear.

Triop starts in Talca with one night at Hostal Talca inlcuded in the cost of trip. People need to get there. Cars can stay over the weekend at aprking area until Last day of trip.All ground transportation inlkcuded with grado Sur Exp vehicles.
For scheduled trips from Santiago or Colchagua Valley, we can organize private trasnportation for an extra fee.
– Day 01 Paddling the River:
Early in the day, we have a good breakfast to get us through the morning. We drive to the put in where guides and gear are ready for this trip. Historically we start this 2-day trip in Curtiduria, just by the train station. From here, the river is friendly and we can garantee the arrival in the Coast in 2 days.
To start the day, we spend 1 hour with equipment, personal items, safety talk and the loading kayaks. To help those with less experience, we give basic instructions on how to handle paddles, how to use a rudder and few tips to make the trip as safe as possible and paddling the most efficient.
Our first stop is the small, “cute” town and train station Gonzalez Bastias. Here we get out of kayaks and visit a local family with a nice restaurant and the best food along the river. We also rest, stretch and prepare for another 3 hours kayaking to our camp-ground down river.
Once in our camp-ground, guides deal with main equipment, main tent and dinner, while expedition members deal with their gear, their kayaks and the pitching of their tents.
Dinner – Night at Camp-ground.
– Day 02 Paddling to Constitucion
: Guides get up early and start working on breakfast, while we expect expedition members to start working on their gear, packing tents, and the early loading of their kayaks.
Breakfast is usually at 8am so we have enough time to pack and start paddling by 10am.
After 3 hours, group should be able to spot the famous “Piedra del Lobo” an outstanding rock in the middle of the river that tells everybody that it is lunch time, and that we are about 8 miles from our final destination.
After 1 hour in our pinic-style lunch, group paddles on, but now knowing that a bit of ocean wind might challenge the group. However, the river turns many time and creates protected areas.
The arrival in Constitucion is espectacular. We paddle along the coastal walking boulevard of the city and we get welcomed by people and by other boats in the harbor.
NOTE: All our kayak trips – Maule, Petrohue and Yelcho Rivers – are supported by a motorized kataraft that transport food, gear, and all the items to make this trip as comfortable and safe as possible.

What to Bring.
Please take the time to check this Packing List so you bring the items that you need.Lo
– Warm layers
– Wind stopper – Rain jacket
– Good river shoes. Comfortable  to walk around. Flip flops dont do the job.
– Camping Gear. Tent matress and sleeping bag.
– Dry bags for clothes and for sleeping bag mainly.
– Baseball hat glasses and sun block
– Water gloves to avoid blisters and to keep hands warm
– Warm clothes for the camp-ground time
– Mosquito Repelent
– Head Lamp
– Toileteries (towel, toilet paper, others)
– Snacks and power bars
– Water bottle ideal for hot and cold drinks.
– Medications you regularly use.
– Pain killers and antihistamines for allergies to food or bites.
NoteL:  Dry Suit or Wet Suit (Suggested not Necessary)