Colchagua Outdoor Center offers visitors the possibility to make their own program, choose their own activities and decide how long they want to be with us, or in the valley.
We understand that some times, programs don’t cover personal interests or they are too limited or very wide to make them interesting.
So, trying to solve these issues, we would like to be as flexible as possible. We want guests to have what they are looking for. 

To make your own itinerary, simply choose all the options we have and maybe ask for others that we can help with. – We have sea kayaking in local lakes and rivers
– WW kayak in local rivers
– Local Horseback rides – Overnight rides over the coastal mountains
– All kinds of Biking
– Trekking
– Motorcycle rides on country roads

For English & Spanish: +56 9 44070503
For Spanish: +56 9 9380 5359
Email: contacto@localhost /

IMPORTANT: To get here, we can organize transportation from Santiago or international airport (the same) round tripPosibilidades de traslados hasta Nuestro Centro desde Santiago