This is simply the name we give to pedalling on routes we find around the entire valley and the coastal area. These are longer and more challenging rides. However, we ad purpose and meaning to these rides. For example, We visit small towns with history along the way, or include destinations that offer interesting life styles to learn from. Also, the scenes of country life all along our rides are enough to feel that all the physical effort is worth it. 
These rides happen on dirt roads and trails or just along farm roads that we can access. For the purpose, we provide with all necessary equipment and support, including transportation, guides who know the valley well, and of course good bikes to simply focuss on the riding –  considering of course an occasional flat.
Available we have all terrain bikes, enduro bikes and few EBikes – or just bring your own.

Cost per Day: USD 120 per person

Ground transportation – Guides – Snacks and Lunch
Bikes & Helmets

Optional riding schedules:
Morning: 09am – 02pm
Afternoon: 03pm – 08pm

More info: /  Phone – Whatsapp:   +56 9 4407 0503